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Wilson & McIntyre are experienced trial attorneys who have a unique understanding and compassion for the elderly. We have experienced many of the issues and decisions that you face with our own aging parents and friends. As advocates for our elders and senior population, the nursing home negligence lawyers at Wilson & McIntyre provide a powerful voice for those who are too often vulnerable and voiceless. We are committed to the prevention of elder neglect and abuse in the Commonwealth of Virginia and will vigorously seek justice for you and your family. If we handle your case, you will pay no fee unless you recover damages from those who have neglected or abused your loved one.

The “Age Wave” and Increasing Neglect

At Wilson & McIntyre, we understand that elder abuse is a serious emerging issue which many American families will be forced to confront. There are currently an estimated 1.4 million residents in nursing homes and an additional one million who reside in assisted living facilities throughout the United States. 78 million Baby Boomers are in line to age along with their parents, while the number of individuals in institutions is set to increase each year. In Virginia, studies project that there will be one million more seniors in 2025 than there are today. As the need for services increases and available funding decreases, the challenge to deliver quality care becomes obvious.

Given this “Age Wave,” nobody wants to imagine a growing segment of our society victimized by abuse or neglect by their caregivers. But it is real. Studies indicate that there are as many as five million potential cases of elder abuse each year – whether it is physical, financial, emotional or sexual abuse –affecting all socio-economic levels and all races.

Physical abuse and neglect take several forms, sometimes open and sometimes subtle. Pressure sores, falls, choking, overused chemical and physical restraints, prescription errors, over-medicating, under-medicating, malnourishment, dehydration and elopement (which is an unauthorized or unnoticed departure from the facility) are all potential signs that the standard of care is not being met. Often the conditions go unreported. Unabated. That is unacceptable.

Together we can challenge what is wrong

If you suspect that a loved one is the victim of abuse or neglect in a nursing home, adult assisted living facility, hospice or other facility, act promptly. The elderly and disabled have rights protected by law. Wilson & McIntyre can assist you in enforcing those rights in civil litigation to recover compensation in the event of injury or wrongful death. You and your family members are often the first ones to sense that something is not right. Together we can challenge what is wrong, protect those most in need of protecting, and empower families and their loved ones to reclaim their rights and dignity. You can be heard, and you can make a difference. Change and greater accountability often happen one case at a time.

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