Norfolk/Virginia Beach/Portsmouth/Chesapeake/Suffolk/Hampton/Newport News Personal Injury Lawyers

At McIntyre Stein, we handle a wide variety of personal injury claims throughout Tidewater and Hampton Roads, and beyond. If you or a loved one has been injured through no fault of your own, call or email us today.

 The diverse matters that we have handled have included:

Construction Site Accidents

  • Crane collapse – wrongful death
  • Construction site fire – wrongful death
  • Fall from improperly barricaded elevation – severe and permanent injury

Trucking and Severe Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Catastrophic trucking accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents involving death and significant personal injuries
  • Motorcycle collisions

Premises and Products Liability Claims

  • Slip and Falls
  • Mold Contamination\asbestos exposures\Mesothelioma\Lung Cancers
  • Other “Sick Building” claims
  • Variety of products liability claims involving amputations, crush injuries, and other catastrophic injuries resulting from improperly designed products and machinery

Million Dollar Property Damage Claims and Property Damage Insurance Coverage Disputes

  • Multi-million dollar claims for fires arising out of numerous construction sites in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia
  • Burst piping and mold proliferation cases in both Virginia and West Virginia
  • Catastrophic industrial silo collapse outside the United States

Although not intended to be an exhaustive list of the types of cases that our Norfolk/Virginia Beach/Portsmouth/Chesapeake/Suffolk/Hampton/Newport News personal injury attorneys have handled going on three decades, these representative cases illustrate the firm’s depth of experience in handling a variety of bodily injury, wrongful death and property damage claims. Because every case is different, having a diverse background is an advantage when strategizing on how best to maximize your personal injury recovery.